Fire Box (Match Box) - 12 Pieces

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Though a match box is a very tiny thing, it’s a very essential thing in  our daily life. Matchbox is used for lighting up the stove or other things. Many people use lighter also ,but it is safer than lighter. You can buy a 12 piece bucket for at least 2 months.  So it is also very  cost effective. Nowadays you can buy matchboxes from online shops, websites. There are different brands of matchboxes. You can choose akij firebox for regular use. Many people also called it matchstick.


  • Safer than the lighter

  • Affordable price

  • Can be purchased 12 pieces together

  • You can also order it from online shops at a wholesale price. 







12 pieces 


The heads of safety matches are made of an oxidizing agent such as potassium chlorate, mixed with sulfur, fillers and glass powder. The side of the box contains red phosphorus, binder and powdered glass. The heat generated by friction when the match is struck causes a minute amount of red phosphorus to be converted to white phosphorus, which ignites spontaneously in air. This sets off the decomposition of potassium chlorate to give oxygen and potassium chloride. The sulfur catches fire and ignites the wood.

How to use: 

First of all, open the firebox. Then. rub the match head against the red strip on the side of the matchbox. However, rub the matchstick on the side of the matchbox by keeping distance from your body.


  • Best firebox in Bangladesh

  • Original Bangladeshi brand 

  • Use it for light up things


while using the matchbox keep it at a minimal distance. Don’t throw it here and there after using it. Keep it properly. Even don’t keep it near wet space. Keep it in a dry place. You can keep it in the kitchen drawer. Another most important thing is that . keep far away from the children. For a long time, do not pour it in water.



You can buy matchboxes from any shop but for saving time you can order it from online shops and for saving money you can order it from It's better to order it from our website but you can also order it from our official Facebook page at any time.


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